Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May New Book Feature, Part III

Here it is, folks, the final installment of the May New Books Features (Part I and Part II are already up).  I know you all are enjoying the wonderful weather we've been having, but perhaps you should visit the Physics Library where you can pick up a riveting new book to read by the pool.

Steane, A. M. (2011). The wonderful world of relativity : a precise guide for the general reader. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

This book is an excellent introduction to relativity for physics and mathematics novices.  The author uses many illustrations, charts, and simple equations to expand the reader's understanding and appreciation of the topic without being overwhelming.

Everett, A., & Roman, T. (2012). Time travel and warp drives: a scientific guide to shortcuts through time and space. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Like The Wonderful World of Relativity, Time Travel and Warp Drives explains the theory of relativity, but takes it one step further.  Although we cannot yet travel through time, the authors present possibilities for the future that are scientifically plausible under our current understanding of physics.

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