Friday, June 22, 2012

Physics and Science Fiction

Science fiction is a very popular genre among many groups.  For physicists and other scientists the genre can be fascinating, exploring plausible possibilities based on current scientific understanding.  Other times it can seem so loosely based in reality that the joy of the story can be overtaken by complete absurdity.   No one expects works fiction to be totally accurate and possible with every law of physics known.  Sometimes authors can alter the rules and imagine future technology in a way that makes sense.

Insultingly Stupid Physics: Hollywood's Biggest Mistakes, Goof, and Flat-Out Destructions of the Basic Laws of the Universe

So what are some of the best science fiction works based on sound science?

Have you read any science fiction books that really nailed the scientific plausibility?  Or maybe one that was based on ridiculous pseudoscience?  Let us know in the comments, or better yet, submit a review to the blog!

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