Thursday, August 9, 2012

Book Review: Lords of Sipan

Kirkpatrick, S. (1992). Lords of Sipan: A tale of pre-Inca tombs, archaeology, and crime. New York: Morrow.

Throughout South America there are ancient ruins produced by a variety of pre-Columbian civilizations. "Lords of Sipan" is the story of a particular pyramid complex in Peru that was recently (late '80s) looted by locals. This story involves impoverished natives, ruthless smugglers, intrepid archaeologists, and a Nobel-prize winning physicist who "rationalized (his) purchases with specious arguments and a sanitized, post-card vision of Latin America". The book is a fun and easy, shake-your-head read that I hope whets your appetite for the meaty main course of 1491.

Submitted by Thad Walker

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