Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This post is about another online book discovery tool, but don't worry, it's even more exciting than others previously featured on this blog, like the Physics Today Bookends or the New York Times books section.

Today I'm introducing you to NoveList, a subscription database through the University that aims to connect readers to fiction books they'll love.  Each book that has a page on NoveList will include information about the book and book reviews.  The database also allows users to search many different facets associated with works of fiction, including tone, genre, writing style, subjects, and more.

I like to start out by finding a book I've read in the past and loved.  NoveList will offer "read-alikes" (books similar to the selected book) and provide information about the characteristics of the book and you can figure out which ones are most important to you.

For example, one of my favorite books is The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.  On the homepage for Name of the Wind NoveList tells me that its tone is atmospheric and dramatic, the writing style richly detailed, and the genres are epic and fantasy fiction.  The subjects of The Name of the Wind are things like good and evil, magic, quests, etc.  I don't really care if the next book I read is categorized as fantasy fiction or about a quest, but I do like books that are epic and about good and evil, so I can easily search for other books with those qualities from my book's page while ignoring the qualities and subjects that are less important to me.

Please check out this fascinating resource and if you have any questions stop by the Physics Library talk to a reference librarian at another library.

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