Thursday, January 3, 2013

Local Authors, Local Connections

Happy New Year, everyone!

We have several new books written either by a local author or one with a local connection.  I thought it would be worth mentioning. 

Most recently received is Lectures on LHC Physics by Tilman Plehn, which is currently on the New Books Shelf.  Many of you may remember Tilman.  He was here from 1998-2002 as a post-doc.  Tilman is now at the University of Heidelberg

Coming up on the New Books Shelf in January 2013 will be Vernon Barger's new book, The Physics of Neutrinos, with contributions by Danny Marfatia and Kerry Whisnant, both UW alums.  The book is also available online through EBL.

If you have written a book or contributed to one please let me know and we can mention it here on the blog.

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