Friday, February 8, 2013


Today I'd like to share a new website with you all - yes, another book recommendation website. is new to the game, but there are number of things it does better than its competition.

Bookish strives to do it all.  Their slogan, "search. discover. read. share." captures the essence of Bookish's mission. Users search for their favorite books, prompting the discovery of new books based on reading preferences.  In addition to information and recommendations, Bookish publishes original articles related to literature and authors for users to read.  Finally, users are encouraged to share their new favorite books and articles with friends and family.

While there are other tools that provide similar functions (see this blog's post on NoveList), there are some features that make Bookish stand apart from the crowd.

I was very impressed with the "read a sample" option on some of the search results.  There is often no better way to know if you'll enjoy a book than reading the first chapter, and Bookish displays the text in an attractive box that is easy to read from and navigate around.  Bookish also gives you the opportunity to purchase the book in the format of your choice, often straight from the publisher.

One of my favorite features are the Bookish Essential Lists.  These are not ordinary readings lists based on genre - they are groupings of books that are more than casually related.  The lists are carefully curated to include books that have a similar subject and tone within in a genre - and in my experience really contain the best of the best.  For example, there isn't just one list of memoirs, there are many narrower lists under memoirs, like Serial Killers, Scientists, Mathematicians and Memoirs of Family Dysfunction.  My only complaint is that they are too hard to find!  Essential Lists are hidden about halfway down each subject page under the heading "best books".

You can read more about Bookish at the New York Times website.

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