Friday, February 22, 2013

February New Book Feature

You may have noticed that we have the February new books on display at the Physics Library.  There are quite a few interesting ones this month - I've featured three below.  Also be sure to check out the full list on the Physics Library Website and maybe stop by the library to browse and see what catches your eye!
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Barger, V., Marfatia, D., & Whisnant, K. L. (2012). The physics of neutrinos. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

First of all, by our very own Vernon Barger, is the book the Physics of Neutrinos.  Stay tuned later this week!  We are launching a Local Author Interview Series and Vernon is our first participant.

Cover ArtWertheim, M. (2011). Physics on the fringe: Smoke rings, circlons, and alternative theories of everything. New York: Walker.

Physics on the Fringe by Margaret Wertheim follows the progress of amateur physicists and their theories, in particular Jim Carter and the interesting tools he uses to experiment with.  For more information, check out Freeman Dyson's review of the book in the New York Times or another review from the Wall Street Journal.  If this book sparks your interest in alternative physics, keep in mind the Physics Library has it's own collection of works of alternative physics held near the new book shelf.

Cover ArtLaFave, N. J. (2012). You want me to teach what?: Sure-fire methods for teaching physical science and math. Arlington, Va: National Science Teachers Association.

With an eye-catching cover, this book aims to teach teachers techniques to improve their upper level science and math instruction.  This book touches on the major pillars in science pedagogy, from student psychology, assessment, classroom management, and more.  

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