Friday, June 21, 2013

Highlights From April's New Books

History and restlessness seemed to have driven Benoit Mandelbrot, the developer of fractal geometry. After fleeing the Nazis across Europe, Mandelbrot came to the United States where is interests pushed him from IBM to academia and back. While at M.I.T, he recounts in his memoir The Fractalist, he crossed path with Noam Chomsky and contemplated going into linguistics before realizing that Chomsky already "dominated" that field. What we recognize Mandelbrot for today, almost three years after his death, was what he called, "mathematics [not] cut off from the mysteries of the real world, but [one that] dealt with questions once reserved for poets and children.” Read The New York Times review here.

This continuing effort of Princeton University Press to publish the amazing amount of writings left by Albert Einstein has come to its 13th volume. Still in his Berlin years, the latest edition of The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein culls his letters and various writings from January 1922-March 1923. As always, this volume is in both German and English.


These books are now available for checkout at the Physics Library. To see the new books currently on display, please click here.

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